2011 Year-in-Review: Podcast 1

The first in a series of special year-in-review podcasts featuring music (including unreleased, rare, and forthcoming material) by artists who performed at Non-Event concerts in 2011.

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  Intro: Felix Kubin, "Total 1" TXRF (It's) 2012
1 Mark Fell, "Outtake" Manitutshu (Unreleased) 2011
2 Katarina Miljkovic and Peter Negraponte, "Gliding" (Unreleased) CD
3 Rafael Toral and Chris Corsano, "Live at the Eisenberg Loft, March 3, 2011" (Non-Event/Unreleased)
4 Aster, "Secrets and Lies A" (8mm) forthcoming
5 Mem 1, "Vela" (Unreleased) 2011
6 Patrick Emm, "Dreams Come True" May All of Your Dreams Come True (Pinebox) Cassette 2011
7 Rick Reed, "Live at the Eisenberg Loft, September 16, 2011" (Non-Event/Unreleased) 2011
8 Derek Hoffend, "Cafe Fixe, Part 3" (Unreleased) 2011
9 Nigel Wright, "Excerpt from Tiled Cave" (Unreleased) 2011
10 Francisco Lopez, "Live at the CUBE, April 25, 2011" (Non-Event/Unreleased)
11 Ben Houge, "Self-portrait" (Unreleased) 2011
12 Orkestar Bake Ciewariska, "Komitschko_Kolo" (Serbian, c. 1905-8) 78 rpm

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