2013 Year-in-Review: Podcast 2

The second in a series of special year-in-review podcasts featuring music (including unreleased, rare, and forthcoming material) by artists who performed at Non-Event concerts in 2013.

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  Intro: Ben Vida, "TQ.3" Monoblock's & 200 Tracks b/w TQ80108 (Alku) 2012 2012
1 Valerio Tricoli, "HIC LABOR ILLE DOMUS ET INEXTRICABILIS ERROR" Miseri Lares/em> (Pan Records) forthcoming
2 Fausto Sierakowski and Jun Young Son, "Rabbit" Unreleased 2013
3 Jacques Demierre and Vincent Barras, "Phonetic poems by Raul Hausmann live at Ruine Gallery, Geneva" Unreleased 2011
4 NHK'Koyxen, "766" Dance Classics, Vol. III (Pan Records) 2013
5 Asha Sheshadri "Stasis II" Unreleased 2013
6 Casper Electronics, "Hollow Earth" Unreleased 2013
7 Peter Gumaskas"Ooze" Unreleased 2013
8 Bryan Eubanks "Bornholmer suite (excerpt)" Bornholmer Suite (Nueni Recs) 2014
9 Mark Cetilia "Dissolution (excerpt) Live at Wesleyan University | September 28, 2013" Unreleased 2013
10 Carl Michael von Hausswolff "The Admiral and the Brown Mummy" Unreleased 2013

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