2014 Year-in-Review: Podcast 1

The first in a series of special year-in-review podcasts featuring music (including unreleased, rare, and forthcoming material) by artists who performed at Non-Event concerts in 2014.

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  Intro: Patrick Emm, "Field Practice" unreleased 2014
1 Heatsick, "#DIONYSOS" Nothing Matters When We're Dancing (comp) (Cocktail D’Amore) LP January 2015
2 Bromp Treb, "Dove In Pouch" unreleased 2012
3 Felix Kubin, "Entre les Incidences (edit)" forthcoming (Zonoff/Aktiverat) 2LP 2015
4 Akiko Hatakeyama, "Kemuri" unreleased 2012
5 Meridian "Live in Atlanta, 2014 (excerpt)" Unreleased 2014
6 Jesse Summers, "Screening Plant" Forthcoming 2014
7 Katarina Miljkovic and John Mallia "System 518" Unreleased 2014
8 Gilles Aubry "Les Ames Amplifiees (excerpt)" The Amplification of Souls (Adocs) CD/Book 2014
9 John Wiese "Wind Changed Direction" forthcoming 2LP

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