2015 Year-in-Review: Podcast 4

The fourth in a series of special year-in-review podcasts featuring music (including unreleased, rare, and forthcoming material) by artists who performed at Non-Event concerts in 2015.

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  Intro: Isolde Touch, "Step Into My Office," unreleased 2015
1 Ernst Karel, “Live on WHRB Cambridge (excerpt)” unreleased 2015
2 Jeph Jerman/Tim Barnes, “Live at the Goethe-Institut Boston (excerpt)” unreleased 2015
3 Byron Westbrook, “Spectral Ascension (live on WFMU)” unreleased 2015
4 Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, “Alpha Crucis” Heptagramic Approximation/Alpha Crucis (Make Noise Records) 7" 2013
5 Blectum from Blechdom, “Oliver Suite, Part Two (Non-Event Edit)” Deep Bone 2016
6 Lawrence English, “Grey Lunar Sea” Peregrine (Room 40) CD 2015
7 John Wiese “Superstitious” Deviate from Balance (Gilgongo Records) CD 2015
8 Jürg Frey (performed by Konus Quartett) “Memoire, Horizon (excerpt)” Jürg Frey (Musiques Suisses) CD 2014
9 Jesse Kenas Collins “Impedance Protected” unreleased 2015
10 Lucy Lewis “May 31” unreleased 2015
11 Wilted Woman, "Famous Killer" Demon World Visit (Stenze Quo) cassette 2015
12 Antje Vowinckel “Call Me Yesterday (excerpt)” Call Me Yesterday (Charizma) 2005
13 Jason Lescalleet “Glass and Pearl” This Is What I Do, Vol 16 (Glistening Examples) 2016
14 Phurnne “4 Non-Event” Unreleased 2015
15 Will Guthrie “Drum Piece (live in Brittany, France” Unreleased 2008
16 Geoff Mullen “GMMG (excerpt)” unreleased 2015
17 Seamus Williams “Sample for Non-Event” Unreleased 2015
18 Asher Tuil “vi” Evenfalls 2015
19 David Grubbs “Charm Offensive, Live at Le Laboratoire, 8.12.2015” unreleased 2015

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