2016 Year-in-Review: Podcast 1

The first in a series of special year-in-review podcasts featuring music (including unreleased, rare, and forthcoming material) by artists who performed at Non-Event concerts in 2016.

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  Intro: Jake Meginsky, "Second Sleep Lathe 3" (Unreleaed)
1 Dave Phillips, "(You Are Mistaking Me For) Someone Who Cares" A Collection of Fingers (Bandcamp) 2016
2 Victoria Shen, "untitled" (Unreleased) 2016
3 France Jobin, "Live at Waterworks (May 2016" (excerpt) (Non-Event/Unreleased) 2016
4 Joke Lanz, "Except the Cows" (Excerpt)Joke Lanz plays Sudden Infant (iDEAL) LP
5 Solid State Entity, "Worms of the Earth" (Unreleased) 2016
6 Marcel Zaes, "Pulse Geometries MOD2 short" (Unreleased) 2016
7 Jake Meginsky, "Second Sleep Lathe 3" (Unreleased) 2016
8 Jan St. Werner, "Unstatic Felder Transection" (Unreleased) 2016
9 Olivia Block, "Lazarus for Two Orchestras Studio edit" performed by the Chicago Composers Orchestra (Unreleased) 2016
10 Arkm Foam & Michael Rosenstein, "Live at Café Fixe, September 2016" (Excerpt) (Non-Event/Unreleased) 2016
11 Ernst Karel & Bhob Rainey, "Live at Boston City Hall, September 30, 2016" (Excerpt) (Non-Event/Unreleased) 2016
12 Caroline Park, "Tea at Diana's" (Unreleased) 2016

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