2017 Year-in-Review: Podcast 4

The fourth in a series of special year-in-review podcasts featuring music (including unreleased, rare, and forthcoming material) by artists who performed at Non-Event concerts in 2017.

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  Intro: Proxemia, "2em_a" (Unreleased)
1 Tom Recchion, "Auto Olympia" (Unreleased, commissioned as a soundtrack to a video by Brenda Miller for the AFI contribution to the Olympic Arts Festival in LA) 1984
2 Unicorn Hard-On (Valerie Martino), "Dream Machine" Dream Machine (Untergang-Institut) 2016
3 Joe Bastardo, "Monica" (Unreleased) 2017/td>
4 Donald Shaw, "2017cut" (Unreleased) 2017
5 FRKSE, "Burn First Then An Affront" (Iron Lung) Forthcoming/2018 7"
6 David Greenberger, Glenn Jones, Chris Corsano, "5 A.M. Remembrance/Magnet Sun Collide/The Only Bad Thing" An Idea In Everything (Okraina) 2016 2x10"
7 Weather Weapon, "Live with Indifference" Weather Weapon II 2017
8 Nathaniel Braddock, "New Prague Spring (Jeremy Boyle remix)" Quadrille & Collapse (Invertebrata) CD 2017
9 Jürg Frey (w/Ordinary Affects), "Canones Incerti" (live excerpt at swissnex Boston) (Unreleased) 2017
10 Asha Tamirisa, "Bliss and Vanish #4" (Unreleased) 2014
11 Mark Cetilia, "Live at the Machines with Magnets" (Unreleased) 2017
12 Joe Potts, "Live at Metropolitan Waterworks Museum" (Excerpt) (Unreleased/Non-Event) 2017
13 Chris Strunk, "Live at the Goethe-Institut Boston" (Unreleased) 2017
14 Malcolm Goldstein, "Sounding the Fragility of Line" Sound the New Violin (What Next?) 1991
15 Jeb Bishop, Joe McPhee, Forbes Graham, Andria Nicodemou, Damon Smith, "Live at Halverson Chapel, First Parish in Cambridge" (Unreleased/Non-Event) 2017

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